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With over 30 years research into the hidden history of Shakespeare and the Tudor and Jacobean era, Spearshaker Productions produce creative media including future projects for film, network series, documentaries and theatre productions about the secret life and times of Francis Bacon.

 ‘Knowledge is Power’ was never more fitting than for today and Spearshaker Productions reveals some of history’s most explosive and sensational secrets about Francis Bacon, his concealed royal birth, his authorship of the Shakespeare works, and the Universal Reformation of the Whole World.

Currently exploring the Spearshaker film project with broadcasters, distributors and production companies and seeking interested partners and investors for this exciting new filmic project in development.

It's just a matter of time before an unknowing world knows the truth about this extraordinary man.


See the Spearshaker Concept Trailer on the Home Page with Jonathon Freeman as Francis Bacon

The BLOG section has all the latest news updates along with sections exploring the People, Places and Plays in the Life and Times of Francis Bacon

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